Spring is that you?

Yesterday, I was finally able to get out on a run (jog). It was 50 degrees. Didn’t need the ever present hat-mittens-three-wind-proof-layers-scarf-boot-warmers, ect. So nice so warm. In fact Sunday the temp was 64 degrees! I smell spring in the air. And yet today, it’s freezing my tootsies off outside with the added bonus of bone-chillin’ winds. Oh, Spring when will you come?

3 Responses to “Spring is that you?”

  1. Wind. Ugh.

  2. Mighty Girl just came back from Argentina, where she spent one month with her 10-month old son and her husband. She has 2 really good posts re: traveling with baby. Here are the links:



    It’s probably mostly stuff that you already know, but it’s nice to know someone else took such a bold trip with their baby and made it back home to blog about it, right?

  3. Thanks for the links, Melissa. I well check them out for sure!

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