meme oh meme oh meme here I come.

So I’ve been tagged for a meme, after all it’s all about meme. Hee hee. This tag came from my very stylish friend Melissa:

How long have you been blogging?
I recently started this blog, just in November so I am a newbie and naive about how the whole blogging thing works, but I’m learing. It’s been fun but I need an adult to limit my time online. I get so wrapped up in others great stories or trying to type out something myself and the next thing I know it’s time to make dinner and I’m still in my pj’s.

What inspired you to start your blog, and who are your mentors?
Melissa actually inspired me. Funny thing as I was checking my gmail I noticed in the side bar that I could read a blog about a fashionable mommy of two so I thought I would check her out. I was hooked from the first sentence.
I really want to give my blog a cool unique layout but I don’t want to spend a fortune on one. I found a website where on occasion they are giving away free things you can put on your blog so maybe soon my blog will have a little pizazz.
Mentors, hmmmm in the blogging community I would have to say each blog I read gives me inspiration in their own way. Everyone is so creative, great writers and making it through life with style and humor. I can only aspire to be as good as these others blogs. Most of the blogs I read are written by moms so of course I can totally relate. I did happen upon a dad’s blog and oh, does he have quite the following. I have to say he’s pretty great.

Are you trying to make money on-line, or are you just doing it for fun?
So far just for fun. It’s a great record of my kiddos life. Something she can look back and read and say, “wow my mom is a wacko oh and I got my first tooth in January of 2008.” I don’t know how advertising works but hey if the opportunity arose, I wouldn’t turn it down. I hear of people making 6 figures to blog. What? 6 FIGURES, are you kidding me?

What 3 things do you love about being on-line?
1) being able to reach others without leaving my house
2) shop, shop, shop
3)looking up things when P is sick or is teething or in some developmental stage that I know nothing about or not sleeping or needs something super cute!

What 3 things do you struggle with on-line?
1) spending far too much time, it’s an addiction-instant gratification-
2) my blog and flickr don’t seem to get along
3) HTML-I don’t know a thing

So that’s the story, most of the other blogs I’ve read have already done this particular meme so I won’t be tagging anyone else today. I better get out there and make some more blogging friends.

One Response to “meme oh meme oh meme here I come.”

  1. You are so cute.

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