Listos Part Tre

Weeks Highlight: #1 Visiting my little bro and his wife (and their crazy golden doodle puppy-who LOVED P) for the first time since they were married-they have a great house just an hour north so it’s an easy trip.
#2 my kiddo slept until 7am!-that’s a record for her-her usual wake up time is 5am and I’ve done everything the “experts” recommend but she still greets the day nice and early, ugggg!

Weeks Countdown: a trip to the beautiful Colorado mountains and taking P on her first snowshoe trip.

Weeks Annoyances: booking places to stay in Europe, what a hassle. When I find a place and everything looks like a go, the place is rented out from under me. What’s up with those Europeans?

Weeks Bummer: my poor pooch is sick-not like as in he only has 6 months to live sick, just a doggie cold.

Weeks Realization: I want to move to a smaller town-more on this in another post.

Weeks Coolest finding: The lead singer for OneRepublic was at my brother’s wedding!

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