Question: What time of the day is it socially acceptable to eat chocolate? Is it like beer, 5pm unless it’s happy hour and then 3pm is okay? I guess some people eat chocolate for breakfast but I don’t like ingesting sugar topped with sugar first thing in the morning. I like my breakfast healthy. I don’t like to mix my chocolate with coffee either, like in a Starbucks mocha. I like them separate, although having a piece of chocolate along with coffee would be okay. Can you have desert after breakfast? My husband does, he’ll eat eggs and toast and then have a cookie with his coffee. We have this fancy chocolate we brought back from Sweden. It’s okay but I like Dove Dark Chocolate better. Have you tried the Dove chocolates with carmel? Melt-in-your-mouth-goodness. I just found these lovelies and I will have a large supply in my house until the day I die. I think anytime after 9am is a good time to have chocolate, but that’s just me.

4 Responses to “Chocolate”

  1. A woman after my own heart!! While I would NEVER feed my toddler chocolate for breakfast, wouldn’t want to live in a world without chocolate croissants (for breakfast, of course)! The darker, the better…mmmm, think I should go get some now…

  2. I had a comment in mind even before the one already left – Chocolate Croissants! Heaven!

  3. I completely believe in dessert after (or FOR) breakfast. Come on now!

  4. Gypsy at Heart Says:

    Erin, I was just reading the most fabulous book called the chocolate connoisseur. So eye opening. Some people feel about their chocolate like others do about their wine. This lady recommends having your chocolate about half an hour after washing your teeth so that the palate (you heard right) can taste all of the flavors of a good chocolate. Good chocolate has little or almost no sugar by the way and it is a fallacy that it causes teeth decay. Doesn’t make you hyper either. The sugar does that. See what I mean about eye-opening? Be that as it may, I am firm believer in chocolate everyday, all day. Chocolate all the time basically. I told my husband I would be a fat woman in my later years when he asked me to marry him. He understood. For me, chocolate is… well, necessary.

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