Listos Part Deu

Weeks Worst Movie:
Hot Rod-I am so embarrassed to say I saw this movie. NEVER RENT IT!

Weeks Best Movie :
Better Off Dead-such a classic-so good

Weeks Blond Moment:
Putting regular dish soap in the dishwasher-(in my defense, this soap was right next to the dishwasher soap on the store shelf. I was shopping with my kiddo and we all know how easy it is to get sidetracked while shopping with a kid-I usually don’t pull this blond of a stunt and I am a blond so I can say this:)

Weeks Highlight:
First plane ride for Pear-she did so great and we got some valuable experience for the trip to Europe (although the next flight is 3X as long as this flight-YIKES)

Weeks Countdown:
3 days until my first facial!

Weeks Let Down:
Downloading movies to TIVO-I was so excited for this feature only to be let down completely. It takes as long to download as it does to watch it. lame-o. Also, the selection is pretty bad. Gonna stick to Red Box rentals for a $, can’t beat that.

Weeks “who cares”:
Besides Brittany Spears and Tom Cruise and Scientology. The Super Bowl. Who cares this year? The Patriots are stomping all over every team. They have won every game this season and have somthing like a 18 game winning streak. The only plus: Tom Brady is Hot!

2 Responses to “Listos Part Deu”

  1. Everyday Yogini Says:

    Please forgive me if you already know this awesome piece of travel information…

    Re: Flight to Europe. Book the bulkhead and get a bassinet. At least then, Pear can sleep (not on your lap). She probably won’t sleep on the way back, but if you have an overnight flight, it will be great on the way over!!!

    Enjoy that facial…

  2. I love this post! We need to catch up! Hope you’re good. Love ya!

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