Being Green, Sort of.

In the last couple of years everyone has become more aware of the term “being green”-in part thanks to Al Gore. My family has made some steps to help preserve our earth for the next generation. We don’t do a lot but I like to think what we do do (no, not doodoo) helps.
Let’s see we do things like:

  • recycle, (I just cringe when I see others throw away beer bottles or soda cans in the trash, cringe).
  • I use organic cleaning supplies (not sure if that one counts).
  • I bought shopping bags that I can use each week courtesy of Whole Foods and Sunflower Market (and I remember to use them every time!)
  • We have a Rinnai Direct Vent Furnace. It’s a technologically-advanced alternative to traditional central heating systems. They are compact and less expensive (use less gas) than central furnaces, yet they can heat a whole house. We have it on our main floor. It actually works-we didn’t break down and weep when our heating bill arrived, it’s awesome! My house has never been warm in the winter until we got this baby.
  • We have a tankless hot water heater*
  • Purchased wind energy from Renewable Choice in Boulder, CO
  • Use florescent light bulbs

I know there is so much more I can do to save this here planet. I could commute (yeah right, my city has crappy public transportation and with a kid probably not-if we got subways like NYC then yes I would commute. I really don’t have a place to commute to anyway seeing as I stay at home.)

Drive a Hybrid, sure, but they have to make one that looks great and holds all my kid and dog crap (not the actual dog crap, I meant all the stuff that goes with the kid and dog). Maybe these vehicles exist, I just haven’t seen one.

I tried using diapers that you can actually flush down the toilet. In my short experience with these diapers, they don’t work so great with newborns but might actually work nicely now. I think I’m going back to them. They are called gdiapers and are soooo cute! I didn’t flush them down the toilet though, just threw them in the trash and you can do that too since they decompose quickly.

Well, that’s the short list and pretty pathetic folks, Like Kermit said “It isn’t easy being green”. I am a huge consumer and waster. Embarrassing! Guess, I’ll need to research more ways of “being green”

*As a side note, this tankless hot water heater is NICE, I mean we NEVER run out of hot water. But, I’m not sure if it really is Eco-friendly. I have to run the water for at least a minute or two before the hot water actually makes it to it’s destination….saving gas, not saving water. In my city there are water conservation signs around that say:


All I can say in response is:


3 Responses to “Being Green, Sort of.”

  1. Eric's Mommy Says:

    We try too. I also cringe when I see people throw away bottles and cans, if I am at somebody’s house where they throw away that stuff I still leave them on the counter 🙂

  2. I’d say that you are doing more than most people! Everything on your list, for the most part, we also do in our home, and I really do believe that it all helps.

    About the gdiapers, I’ve heard/read wonderful things about them. I’ve often thought of making the switch with Coco (they weren’t around when Pea was a babe, I don’t think). Do you really think it’s worthwhile? I don’t want her leaving puddles of stuff around.

    Maybe I’ll wait until you make the switch to see if you’re still happy with ’em.

  3. Everyday Yogini Says:

    I wondered about the gdiapers. Maybe with baby #2…

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