My Corner of the World

In my corner of the world, I would invite friends over for breakfast. I would make Crepes dentelles, or Russian crepes stuffed with fromage blanc or gateau of crepes with lemon. We would sit around in our PJ’s and slippers and bedhead and sip not red wine but Dark French Costa Rica Coffee from Peaberry. My friends B & M would come over say 7am with their kiddos G&G. The babes would roll around on the floor while we chatted about what we did last night or politics or skiing or how we met one another. Why don’t people have friends over for breakfast, it just seems weird, I guess. But I would, in my corner of the world.

One Response to “My Corner of the World”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey…….just give us a call sometime and we will be there! Sounds delish. We always try to get people to come over for breakfast (just this morning in fact) but usually everyone’s already had their bowl of cereal. Seriously, I’ll be waiting for the breakfast call……….B,M and the G’s

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