Okay, I cannot take credit for this idea. I found it on and thought it brilliant. My weekly wrap up won’t be as witty or well written as the cactus (I know I suck at grammar and punctuation and thank God for spell check) but it’s mine so that’s okay. First, Listos as defined in the Urban Dictionary: “the short version, summary of a long paper/article/post or for me summary of my week.” Here’s my listos.

Favorite New Adventure:
Music class for the kiddo. (What fun what fun to sing kid songs and make a fool of myself.)

Favorite Discovery:
#1) Pear’s New Tooth!
#2) Renting movies through TIVO (yes, I am that lazy and we canceled our netflixs when we realized in December we had the same movies since June)

Favorite Evening:
Hanging with the girls-even though we had to see a sappy love movie (PS I Love You, which was okay but it can wait for DVD)

Stressor of the week:
#1) Our first flight coming up in a week (kind of a test flight for us before we take the big one)
#2) which fricken car seat to by next (Pear is an 1″ away from needing a new seat, I practically have to jam her into her current car seat)

Bummer doggie moment:
#1) listening to my pooch yelp as the vet was removing his split, infected toenail.
#2) watching as a man picked up a dog that was just hit by a car, very sad-I’m pretty sure the doggie was dead 😦

Favorite Text Message:
Sent from hubby to me while we were sitting on the couch watching TV:
Hubby: what are you wearing right now?
Hubby: I’m wearing that silk thong you gave me and a cowboy hat and that’s it! (he actually doesn’t own a thong-gross)

Favorite New blog(s) found:

2 Responses to “Listos”

  1. My suggestion is the Britax Marathon car seat for Pear. Both my girls are in them now, Coco has been in hers since she was about 4 months. You can install it rear-facing and then switch it to forward-facing later on and it’s good up to some crazy weight (65 lbs., like a 6-year old!) so you can use it for a really long time.

  2. Hey, thanks!! I appreciate the linkage…and the readership of course 🙂

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