I love tea. I’m always excited when the weather cools a bit and I can make a steaming pot of tea, curl up on the couch with a great book and read all day. Who am I kidding? Reading all day only happens in my dreams these days, but every once in a while I do get to enjoy a cup of hot tea.

I like the act of making tea. I don’t put H2O in a mug and “zap” it. I love the lengthy process of filling the tea kettle, heating it on the stove, filling my little tea pot (with it’s cute little tea cozy) and steeping the tea to perfection. Plus, I have the perfect tea mugs we always purchase from Canadian Tire when we visit. It has now become a tradition for us to collect these mugs.

Tea makes you feel healthy, doesn’t it? I always feel healthy when I have a “spot of tea”. Like I’m filling my body with goodness. I don’t know why I’ve grown to like tea so, maybe it’s the Canadian in me (can you be part Canadian when your mum was born there?)

My favorite brand is Republic of Tea, favorite flav. is Ginseng Peppermint.

My second favorite is Aveda tea.
Once I tasted this I fell head over heals.
This is good tea, so sweet and minty. So yum!

If you are ever in Boulder, CO I highly suggest a tour of Celestial Seasonings. It’s free and really cool, even the kids would like it. And go into the mint room, I guarantee your nose will be clear for a year after that. You can also buy Celestial Seasonings Tea for a lot less at their plant.

2 Responses to “Tea”

  1. I feel the same way about tea, and not just drinking it. I love the whole act of making it properly on the stovetop with a teapot. Love it.

  2. time4tea Says:

    I love tea, too! I always have. I don’t wait for cool weather, though. That’s why God made air conditioning, so we can drink hot tea, anytime. I’ve almost quit drinking iced tea, even though I’m a southern gal. Loved the post!


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