Ellen D. How I heart thee

I love Ellen Degeneres. Love her. She is positive, compassionate and very funny (I find her humor dry just like mine). Her show is packed full of the latest pop culture buzz, showcases great musicians and gives away so much free crap, seriously I have to get to one of these tapeings and get some of this loot! I watch her show almost every day. It’s really the only show I make sure to watch and now thanks to my TIVO I usually don’t miss an episode. I happened to be checking out her website a few weeks ago and came across a blog posting that fit me perfectly. She was talking about her memory, or more accurately losing her memory. Before P, I had the rememberer of an elephant. Now I can’t remember crap. My good friend B’s husband is an ER Dr. and has always been a little spacey. He attributes his spacey-ness to having too much to remember. I can now resonate with that concept. With a kid in my life, I now have too much to remember and therefore find myself forgetting all the more. Where did I put my keys, wallet, shoes or kid. Those questions are asked on a frequent basis in my house.

Anyway, I just had to laugh when I read this. Ellen said it better than I ever could.

My Thought…And I Do Have One

My memory is just getting worse. People tell to me to take Ginkgo Biloba, but if you can remember to take Ginkgo Biloba every day, then you don’t need it. Sometimes I write myself a note to help me remember something. But I’ll read it later and it makes no sense. “Sahara Pipeline? Why did I write that?” Or I’ll think of something in the middle of the night and write it down in the dark. In the morning I can’t read my own writing. “Don’t forget to wring the shooman tater” What? I try to remember to write more clearly. …but then I forget.

My memory is getting worse. Did I already say that? I’ll be at a party and someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend is coming at me and I can’t remember their name. So I quickly start to go through the alphabet. A – Alice, Abby, Amy…no. B –Betty, Becky, Butter…no. C – …I’ve forgotten all the names that start with C. Sometimes I hear a song and can’t remember who sings it. It’ll drive me crazy the whole day. Then at 3 in the morning, I’ll bolt upright in bed and scream “Beyonce!” It really scares the cats. Then I write it down. …but in the morning I’ve forgotten again and I can’t read what I wrote. —-taken from http://www.ellentv.com/

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