Zombie Nation

I am sitting here half asleep, wishing I were completely asleep and wondering what the HELL is going on? Earlier I was contemplating what I should write about on my next post. I thought I would write about the significant change I’ve noticed in Pear in just two short weeks and how awesome it’s been. And then whammo-she decides to wake up two nights in a row and stay awake for 1-2 hours! This is hard because I was feeling so confident like I figured things out. She was sleeping great! I mean, all night for several weeks and usually not waking until at least 6am (which for her is good). Now I am at a loss and very, very tired. I hate the maybes: maybe she’s growing, maybe she’s getting a tooth, maybe she has separating anxiety. Maybe I suck at figuring things out!

I’ll go a head write what I originally wanted to post and say focused on the positives. Sometimes that’s all you can do, I think. Hopefully tonight (please, God) she’ll get back to sleeping through the night.

What I have noticed in just two short weeks (from 6.5 months to 7 months) is tremendous! It’s for sure the biggest change I’ve seen in the shortest amount of time. She’s sitting up GREAT, reaching for EVERYTHING, almost has rolling over mastered (which puts great fear in me as I had not baby proofed at all!) She has figured out some of her toys ie: what moves and makes noise, how to make herself bounce and I see the recognition on her little face-she knows. When she make the toy beep or talk she looks at me with a huge smile she understands. She is eating in her high chair-3 meals a day, is out of her swaddle blanket and can now fall asleep without my assistance (that one is a HUGE plus!). It makes me so excited for what’s to come, she’s turning from a helpless baby into a little kid. I love it! See staying positive!

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