Goal for 2008

In an earlier post I misspoke. I said I am a runner. I should clarify. I am a jogger. Maybe soon that will turn into “runner” but I shouldn’t give myself more credit than I deserve. As I was jogging this weekend I thought of Bridget Jones when she talked about “her wobbly bits”. That’s what I felt as I was schlepping through snow, slush and ice. My wobbly bits were jiggling and it was making me quite uncomfortable. So now I am on a mission. I don’t want these wobbly bits any more. I am done with them. I was inspired (by Lulufabulous when she did this) to sign up for my own challenge, something to motivate me. And I found a goal I’m sure I can accomplish in 2008. It’s also through Nike Running. My goal is to run (jog) 1000km in 2008, that’s 621 miles for the year. Easy Peasy! I figure if I run (jog) 3X/wk at 3miles/run(jog) that’s…..9miles/week X 52 weeks/year= 468 miles for the year. That’s not 621 miles, but my goal is to work up to 6miles/run (jog) 3X/week so I KNOW I can make up the remaining 153 miles no prob. Who knows maybe by 2009, I can call myself a “runner”.

BTW I have found a great website for mapping runs. It’s http://www.mapmyrun.com/
I used it to map my run(jog) and found I am currently jogging 2.5 miles. Nike has a similar version but I think this one is more user friendly. So I have logged 7.5 miles for the year. I have some running(jogging)to do. Let the jogging begin.

*As a side note, I just realized in signing up for these challenges I am supposed to have the shoes that sync with my i-pod. Crap. Well, I hate Nike shoes, they hurt my feet so I won’t be syncing any runs. I’ll just know in my heart that I have accomplished my goal. Stupid Nike marketing campaign!

One Response to “Goal for 2008”

  1. Wow! We are on the same wavelength, even down to the forgetting about having to have Nike shoes! No matter – like we both said, in our hearts, we’ll know. I’m thinking maybe I should have done the 1000 kM instead, but … I’ll stick to miles for now, and we’ll see how that goes.

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