I’ve never been what I would call a “girly-girl”. I don’t have great fashion sense, I usually wear what is comfortable and try my best to make sure it is still in style (at least within the last few years). I’m much happier in my jeans and sweaters and comfy shoes than pretty shirts and heels. I’ve always wanted to be one of those girls who has a wardrobe the size of Texas and looks cute every day but I finally figured out that wasn’t me. Nope, I’m a jeans and sneaks kind of gal.

I paint my nails maybe once a year and take it off the next day. I never go to the spa. I’ve never had a bikini wax*. I have had one manicure/pedicure-it was for a wedding in which I was the personal slave, er I mean personal assistant of the bride. It was nice but my nails looked like crap two days later anyway so why bother? The one thing I do is get my brows waxed once a month, I don’t know why this is the one beauty thing I’ve stuck to but I think once you’ve had a brow wax there’s no going back. Even if I try to do it my self, my brows end up looking like fuzzy caterpillars.

For Mother’s day last year my hubby gave me a gift certificate to a spa in my neighborhood. I thought how awesome I can use it for the next 15 brow waxes! But my esthetician keeps suggesting I get a facial and I’m wondering if she’s hinting that my skin could use a good scrubbing-I’m sure it could. I want to be the kind mom who isn’t obsessed with looks but also I don’t want to completely forget about myself either. I think it’s important to take care of ourselves because with little ones that’s usually last on the list. So I think I’m going to book my first facial. It’s a good way to begin 2008-with a fresh face-and I’m kind of excited. I hope I don’t get addicted to these too.

*As a side note I was going to get a bikini wax for the first time this summer. We were going on vacation with a group of friends so I thought I better look my best and that means down there too! But the trip was canceled so alas, no bikini wax. WHEW!!

2 Responses to “Girly-Girl”

  1. Ah, facials. They are much like your beloved eyebrow waxing. Once you start, you cannot stop.

  2. lattemommy Says:

    Mmm… you’ll love your facial. By coincidence, I just got home from a much-needed facial. The relaxation time alone is worth it. Glowing skin is just a bonus!

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