I am a…..RUNNER!

I wish. I used to be a runner. I was like Forest Gump. I ran and ran and ran until one day I just stopped (stopping had more to do with a back injury for me). Oh, how I LOVED running. SO MUCH. I wanted to move to Eugene, OR. I’ve heard they have tons of cedar running trails and I could become the female Prefontaine maybe even have a movie made of me, but not die in a tragic car accident at the age of 24. But sometime after college my back gave in to all my running (bad training on my part) and my running life changed into a non-running life so I started doing yoga.

Coming back from a disc injury took a few years but I believe because of yoga I am healed to almost 100%. My back has been feeling great and ever since I got my fancy new jogger I even contemplated running again. So….yesterday I ventured out on my first run in four years and…..it was awesome, so liberating. My hubby told me to take it easy as I was getting old. HA, whatev. Ok, maybe my knees and hip hurt (my hip, I am getting old) a bit but all in all I’m back to being a RUNNER 🙂 and I’m re-newing my subscription to Runner’s World. YES!

But this time I’m taking it slow…….

3 Responses to “I am a…..RUNNER!”

  1. I know how happy that must make you – yeah!
    I ran yesterday in 15 F – it was actually not bad!

  2. I can’t stop giggling. I was a runner too, once, a long time ago. But my old body won’t stand for it these days, I’m pretty sure. So I’ve become very close with my elliptical machine. But it’s a nice fantasy, taking out a jogger with my babies on a brisk day for a run. Just pace yourself!

  3. E – Check out Kristin Armstrong’s column on Runner’s World – I think you’ll like it. There are also a couple of columns on the RW website, too, that I really like. I have a link to the KA one on my blog. 🙂

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