A Shift in the Wind

AHHHHH. I breath a huge sigh of relief. My family left this morning and I have a good start on cleaning my house. Since we don’t do a lot of Christmas decorating we were able to un-decorate in a mere hour. Next is to purge my system of sugar and fat!

We did end up having a nice time with my family. Pear scored big time with her Christmas gifts. My mom always goes overboard. She received many new toys that I will put away for a while. I agree with Melissa. She will never know some toys are missing (especially at 6 months of age) and it’s fun to pull out a new toy throughout the next few months. Plus, a lot of the toys are a little advanced for her now anyway. I got some great kitchen gadgets from Crate and Barrel (my favorite store!). This might seem selfish but I actually registered for things at C&B. My thinking was …….if anyone asked what I wanted for Christmas I could say just check out C&B (most of the stuff I registered for was not expensive) and some people (my mom) won’t take “I don’t need anything” for an answer.

I’m happy about our Christmas overall, but I find I feel guilty afterwards. Like I said before, my parents go overboard. Giving all of us “stuff” for Christmas gives them much pleasure, I know but it gives me a knot in my stomach to think how much they spent on us. My mom actually gave money to Samaritan’s Purse in our name and I like that idea. I think next year I will ask for donations to charity for Christmas.

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