Holiday Madness

Wow, I actually have a little time to sit and write a bit. The holiday madness is taking over my life!

We are gearing up to drive north-to spend Christmas with the in-laws-in a little town that’s dear to my heart. My old college town but it sure has changed a lot since then and it’s COLD there! COLD, COLD and WINDY. I have been bracing Pear for the bitterness that is Wyoming. We have extra everything. Smartwool socks, hats, gloves, blankets, snowsuit (for Pear) and the ever essential long underwear. I am so wimpy since moving to Colorado.

We have so much crap to haul-most of it for Pear. I think that’s a good reason for gparents to come and see us for the holidays. I can’t believe how packed our car will be. We also are carting presents that my in-laws asked us to purchase for them because they live in a tiny town and we live in the city. This frustrates me because I hate Holiday shopping, the malls are a madhouse, the traffic horrendous and they gave us few days notice! My gracious husband had to make two separate trips for his family this week. UGG.

I should be excited for Christmas, it’s my baby’s first, but I find I am lacking in excitement. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because we are spending it with the in laws. I guess every thing’s different when you don’t get to spend the holiday with your own family. I like my husband’s family (most of the time). Sure his parents are a little weird-who’s aren’t? It’s just that the food is different and the traditions strange and there are many rambunctious kids. It’s just not the same. Sigh. I think it’s time to start our own traditions.

2 Responses to “Holiday Madness”

  1. Melissa the Mouth Says:

    I am passionate about the topic of holidays and family. For so long, it was expected of us to pack up the car or hop on the plane to travel and we did it. But now, we have kids and our oldest is old enough to “get” what the holidays are about, and so I just had to be the bad guy and put my foot down and say “no more.”

    I want my girls to have their own traditions in their own home. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Plus, who the heck wants to travel with all of the stuff you need when you have kids? I think that’s just cruel to expect someone to do that.

    You are a saint for doing it, I tell you!

    Melissa The Mouth@,

  2. We started our own tradition of Christmas morning at home and with only my husband and our girls and it was wonderful. We had Christmas dinner with his family (mine is too far and we decided not to travel this year). Having Santa come to our house is something I feel really strongly about and think it is important to make your holiday the most enjoyable for you and your husband and your children is the most important. There is so much preparation that goes into traveling with kids and stress on how they will sleep, how will they do in the car. Its much easier for those without children to do the traveling.

    Christmas will get more exciting as Pear gets a little older, and you will enjoy it more also.

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