I have died and gone to Happy Cakes Heaven

I’ve always liked our neighborhood. There are more dogs per capita here than anyway else in the city. It’s safe (relatively speaking), there’s always someone out walking their dog or kid, it has a beautiful peaceful lake (peacefulness is hard to find in a city) with walking paths and yet we are still 8 minutes from Downtown (where the husband works) and where we spend a fair amount of time.

We are also within walking distance to a cutsie, trendy, high priced boutiqued neighborhood shopping square. I love this little square. Love to browse in the shops. I don’t buy much because like I said it’s high price boutiquey stuff that’s super cute and fun and I can’t justify. My kid does not need a $50 onsie. I mean it’s super cute and all but since she will probably wear it all of three weeks I won’t buy it. And I don’t need a $200 haircut-though would love to have one of them fancy hair cuts, my $55 cut is just fine.

This square also has a few affordable places like Chipotle, a great wine shop, two coffee shops and a handful of great restaurants. But I have NEVER been so excited about “my square” as when I found this little piece of Heaven. A little cupcake shop called Happy Cakes. Oh My Gosh! And happy it makes! First of all, can you get any better than cupcakes? I mean it’s a cake which already says scrumptious and secondly, they are small so you don’t feel like a cow if you eat two (or three or four 🙂 Right? Lastly, they are so cute and are begging to be eaten. Look at the pictures and tell me you don’t want to devour these creations.

The descriptions read like you were in a fancy schmancy restaurant in NYC: “vodka soaked cranberry cupcake with lime infused butter-cream” and
“A maple cupcake topped with cinnamon butter cream, reminds you of Sunday morning brunch!” and “Crunchy pretzel crust, strawberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting – the perfect marriage of sweet & salty!”
Doesn’t that just make your mouth water…..I’m a sugar-a-holic so it makes my mouth water.
Seriously, you should try these delights. If you don’t live in my town maybe you can order them online. It’s worth it.

One Response to “I have died and gone to Happy Cakes Heaven”

  1. I love cupcakes!!! So jealous you have a shop dedicated to them in your neighborhood.

    Stay tuned on my blog for my red velvet holiday cupcakes. 🙂

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