baby babble and daddy’s the best

She’s babbling a lot now. I swear she’s saying “mama”. She doesn’t know it but it sounds like “mama” and I love it. It’s the only thing I have over my husband because she already thinks he’s the best. Oh, she loves her daddy can’t take her eyes off of him. I imagine it only gets better (for him) as she gets older. As soon and as opens the door home from work she’ll run to him like he’s bringing her greatest toy out there and mom is old news. I only think this because I hear it from other moms. Sigh…I know she’ll appreciate me one day, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves since she is only 6 months.

3 Responses to “baby babble and daddy’s the best”

  1. Yes, you’re right – it only gets worse. We do all the “heavy lifting” so to speak, but Daddy’s are the best. But that’s OK – at least we have baby daddies, right? haha.

  2. Keep up with the blogging its great, lately I have been reading lots of “Mommy Blogs” and am trying to do more with our family site. We have a site for our family to see our girls grow up and I love to take pictures so I love to share them.

    The sleep thing is such a game and every time you think you get a handle on it they change. My 8 month old did the 5:30 wake up for awhile, we are not between 6:30 and 7:00 this happened when we put her in the crib and out of our room.

    Enjoy the Daddy love now, they go through phases. Right now my 2 year old loves to play with Daddy can’t wait to see him but when it comes to bedtime and stories only Mommy will do. So there are times that I will leave just so she will let him do it and I don’t have to hear the tears.

  3. Check out Flickr for your pictures, its a Yahoo program and is very easy to use.

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