ahh..sleep sort of

She’s sleeping through the night. It’s a mixed blessing right now because she wakes early. I am thankful for the sleeping through the night part don’t get me wrong but wish she could sleep later in the morn. 5:45 is a little early to be rising in my opinion and it throws the whole day off kilter. Seems like there is something we are always working on, guess that’s why “they” say raising kids is hard work.In the eating department she’s doing great! Currently gobbling down sweet potatoes, avocados , bananas and pears and oatmeal. Saturday we will try yogurt.I have been reading other mom’s blogs. I don’t even know how I found these blogs but there are some great ones out there, moms I can relate to. Now I just need to think of a creative catchy name for my blog. Maybe I’ll think of one by the next posting. And maybe figure out the picture thing too.

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