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I am a…..RUNNER!

Posted in Running with tags on December 31, 2007 by erin

I wish. I used to be a runner. I was like Forest Gump. I ran and ran and ran until one day I just stopped (stopping had more to do with a back injury for me). Oh, how I LOVED running. SO MUCH. I wanted to move to Eugene, OR. I’ve heard they have tons of cedar running trails and I could become the female Prefontaine maybe even have a movie made of me, but not die in a tragic car accident at the age of 24. But sometime after college my back gave in to all my running (bad training on my part) and my running life changed into a non-running life so I started doing yoga.

Coming back from a disc injury took a few years but I believe because of yoga I am healed to almost 100%. My back has been feeling great and ever since I got my fancy new jogger I even contemplated running again. So….yesterday I ventured out on my first run in four years and… was awesome, so liberating. My hubby told me to take it easy as I was getting old. HA, whatev. Ok, maybe my knees and hip hurt (my hip, I am getting old) a bit but all in all I’m back to being a RUNNER 🙂 and I’m re-newing my subscription to Runner’s World. YES!

But this time I’m taking it slow…….

A Shift in the Wind

Posted in christmas with tags , on December 30, 2007 by erin

AHHHHH. I breath a huge sigh of relief. My family left this morning and I have a good start on cleaning my house. Since we don’t do a lot of Christmas decorating we were able to un-decorate in a mere hour. Next is to purge my system of sugar and fat!

We did end up having a nice time with my family. Pear scored big time with her Christmas gifts. My mom always goes overboard. She received many new toys that I will put away for a while. I agree with Melissa. She will never know some toys are missing (especially at 6 months of age) and it’s fun to pull out a new toy throughout the next few months. Plus, a lot of the toys are a little advanced for her now anyway. I got some great kitchen gadgets from Crate and Barrel (my favorite store!). This might seem selfish but I actually registered for things at C&B. My thinking was …….if anyone asked what I wanted for Christmas I could say just check out C&B (most of the stuff I registered for was not expensive) and some people (my mom) won’t take “I don’t need anything” for an answer.

I’m happy about our Christmas overall, but I find I feel guilty afterwards. Like I said before, my parents go overboard. Giving all of us “stuff” for Christmas gives them much pleasure, I know but it gives me a knot in my stomach to think how much they spent on us. My mom actually gave money to Samaritan’s Purse in our name and I like that idea. I think next year I will ask for donations to charity for Christmas.


Posted in christmas with tags , on December 28, 2007 by erin

Will Christmas ever end?? I have learned my lesson. We took our baby to the in laws for her first Christmas and of course my parents were disappointed. Really, I can’t blame them so we thought it would be a good idea if they came up to visit after Christmas and we would do our family Christmas on the 29th (5 days after Christmas!). BAD IDEA. I feel like I’m stuck aboard a ship with no wind to be found. UGGGGGGG. Just when I am sick of eating the usual Christmas Crap and ready to purge my system…..I can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. I love hanging out with them. They are always there for us and treat Pear like she is a princess. She will be spoiled by them for sure. I am just ready to move on, begin the new year with healty meals and TAKE DOWN MY TREE, deep clean my house, throw away all the high calories cookies and exercise!! Next year I will know to do Christmas #1 before and #2 on Christmas. No more after Christmas, Christmas. I am stuck in quicksand and going no where.

Holiday Madness

Posted in christmas with tags , on December 23, 2007 by erin

Wow, I actually have a little time to sit and write a bit. The holiday madness is taking over my life!

We are gearing up to drive north-to spend Christmas with the in-laws-in a little town that’s dear to my heart. My old college town but it sure has changed a lot since then and it’s COLD there! COLD, COLD and WINDY. I have been bracing Pear for the bitterness that is Wyoming. We have extra everything. Smartwool socks, hats, gloves, blankets, snowsuit (for Pear) and the ever essential long underwear. I am so wimpy since moving to Colorado.

We have so much crap to haul-most of it for Pear. I think that’s a good reason for gparents to come and see us for the holidays. I can’t believe how packed our car will be. We also are carting presents that my in-laws asked us to purchase for them because they live in a tiny town and we live in the city. This frustrates me because I hate Holiday shopping, the malls are a madhouse, the traffic horrendous and they gave us few days notice! My gracious husband had to make two separate trips for his family this week. UGG.

I should be excited for Christmas, it’s my baby’s first, but I find I am lacking in excitement. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because we are spending it with the in laws. I guess every thing’s different when you don’t get to spend the holiday with your own family. I like my husband’s family (most of the time). Sure his parents are a little weird-who’s aren’t? It’s just that the food is different and the traditions strange and there are many rambunctious kids. It’s just not the same. Sigh. I think it’s time to start our own traditions.


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My hubby gave me this for my birthday!
He said he felt like he was giving me a blender
but I love it. Now I can go anywhere do anything
no more “over-ending” my child!
Thanks, hun. Love Ya!

Happy Birthday

Posted in birthday with tags on December 22, 2007 by erin

to me. 🙂

We are getting ready to have an early dinner (without Pear) at my FAVORITE restaurant The Chop House. YUMMMM! I am a huge mashed potato fan and they have the best! So super excited!

A Little TLC and Soup

Posted in lunch with tags on December 19, 2007 by erin

I am going to turn into this and this. It’s what I’ve had for lunch everyday for a month. Yummmmm. I think I have an orange hue to my skin.


Posted in music with tags on December 18, 2007 by erin

I love music. I’ve always loved music. I find it moves me in ways I can’t explain. Makes me want to dance-in my own horrible way, work out even harder faster stronger (thanks Kayne) and sometimes moves me to tears. Growing up I remember listening to Kenny Rogers, The Carpenters, Flash Dance Soundtrack, Neil Diamond and Patsy Cline. I think I owe this love of music to my Dad, currently he has over 60 gigs of music on his computer. Wow!

My Dad’s still listening to his music but I’ve moved on and found my own favorites. It’s hard to define, my style of music. I must say I listen to a wide variety. Mostly listen to the singer-songwriter type and stuff that’s mellow. Like Coldplay, The Fray, Brandi Carlile (love her!) and Mat Kearney. But I also like some rap and hip hop stuff from Timbaland, Justin Timberlake and Kayne. Then there’s Lyle Lovett and Keith Urban and Diana Krall.

So anyway I get pretty excited when I find a new (well, new to me) artist. A local radio station is hosting a contest with home town bands. They selected 10 bands to play their music through out the holiday season and the public votes for their favorite. This group, Flobots, is by far my favorite. At first I thought it was Eminem but quickly realized the voice didn’t sound right. They sound a little like Cake but have their own very unique sound, send a positive message and have nontraditional instrumantation (I got the last part from their website). To me it means they aren’t made of guitars, guitars and more guitars oh and some drums. They have a classical vionlinist, a bassist and a trumpet player (trumpist-no just trumpet player 🙂
I think you will like it too-though my husband just told me it was weird.
Check this out: Here’s the bands bio:

"F" stands for:

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In my case it stands for Functional. I won’t buy anything if it isn’t functional. This is good and bad I suppose. I won’t buy shoes just because they are cute, they have to have a functional purpose. Cute and they go with a lot of stuff. Or cute and I can wear them for hiking. Or cute and…..
A good example: my car: oh, it looks super cool but it’s also(you guessed it) functional. I can get around in any kind of weather in my car. Actually, it’s pretty bad ass in the snow and I love driving it through drifts. But back to functionality. My usual propensity to purchase functional products fell by the way side when I saw this:

I knew I had to have this when I saw it for the first time. It was just after SJP had James Wilkie and I saw a photo of her pushing him in her red bugaboo. I normally don’t buy things because a celebrity has one or endorses something-don’t get me wrong I like SJP. In fact she has a line of clothes out now called Bitten and everything is under $20. I haven’t seen the line but I imagine with SJP’s fashion sense it’s pretty great.

Anyway, back to the stroller. I thought it was the best looking stroller out there and my sweet husband bought it for me a year and half before we were even pregnant. Nice guy. Now, we are not fancy people. We live in Colorado for goodness sake. I don’t think you can be fancy and live in CO-unless you live in Aspen maybe. It’s the west-not fancy. We are 20 minutes from Buffalo Bill Cody’s grave-not fancy. So I don’t know why we needed to drop a grand on a fancy stroller. But at the time functionality was out the window and the bugaboo stroller was sitting in my living room!

I shouldn’t be so hard on those bugaboo folks. They actually did quite a nice job on their strollers and it’s functional for three seasons of the year. It folds nicely in the car, can turn on a dime so it works great for shopping trips and with all the accessories has about anything you could possibly want in a stroller. The problem for us is again, we live in Colorado and it started snowing and it snowed and snowed and snowed and since then I have discovered why this stroller is NOT functional. After basically “over-ending”* my child on numerous occasions I realized we need another stroller. We should have bought one of those BOBs or Burleys now there is a functional stroller. You can blaze through anything in one of those.

So if you see me this winter stuck in a snowdrift with my cute bugaboo will you just give me a shove? Thanks 🙂

*over-ending is when a cyclist falls over the handelbars and lands on their head or shoulder area and usually breaks their colar bone* Okay, I may have made that last part up but it’s something like that.

Photo of the Day

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looking at the falling snow with wonder, oh to be a child again